Tiny bikini swimwear

The micro bikinis promise to raise the temperature of the beaches this 2017. This tiny garment that leaves little and nothing to the imagination, is the latest trend of fashion. In countries like Brazil, for example, this trend had been long established, in the rest of the world it has taken time for it to set, but certainly today the mini bikinis are already a garment that almost surpasses the bikini among women, It is no longer shocking to see them on our beaches.

And today finding a good brand of decent bikinis is rather simple, any web can serve you to make your order online to choose and buy your new model of bikini, mini bikini, thong bikini, etc. More and more importance is attached to the bathing garments, almost almost as a whole more within our closet.

Tiny bikinis online

This tendency to every slap caught any flight in recent years. This, because the Chileans take care of their figure more and want to show more skin. If you want to buy beach tiny bikinis online, I lend you this website, where you can find a lot of nice models for all the shapes, just check it!

Josefina Alcotta, model and designer ensures that the micro bikinis arrived to stay.

“A couple of years ago the Chileans are daring enough. I also think Instagram has helped a lot. The trends are within reach of all, “he said.

Jose Lucero, owner of lingerie.cl thinks the same as the designer. Because in your business, micro bikinis are sold like hot cakes.

“Our clients are asking for bolder designs. They want to show more skin to look and feel sexier. ”

Tiny bikinis are fashionable

The traditional one-piece bathing suit went out of style, Alcotta said. Although it was used for decades to disguise the rollitos. Now the tendency is to accept the body and dress as one likes. Some will see it as a daring and others will see it as an advance in social stereotypes.

“The truth is that the favorite swimwear of Chileans is the bikini, even for the most plump,” said the designer.

“The swimsuit is obsolete, it gave the place to the trikini that is much more ondero. Chileans like it, but they do not see it as much as a bathing suit. Rather, they use it to walk on the beach or go to the pool with a short cortito, “added Alcotta.

Regarding the colors of fashion, the designer emphasizes that, “in previous years were very fashionable bikinis of a single color, specifically fluorine. But this year it is the prints, according to the tastes of each one. ” Now the tendencies are simpler as far as colors, ranges of a single color, in case of prints we can observe things also simple, no longer so much the color but rather the cut of these.


Tiny Bikinis Online

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